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Guiding you to Healing and Wellness


"Discomfort is a wise teacher"

Caroline Myss


"I love my clients... I genuinely love them. I witness their struggle, I watch them choke back the emotion and store their tears for later. I've taken the time to develop that relationship with them, I know them inside and out. I appreciate their struggle and I'm honored that they trust me enough to be a part of it. It takes courage to sit on my couch. I love watching them triumph, I love watching them win. I love watching their growth and I love it when the light comes back in their eyes. I love the moment when they realize that change is real and happening for them. Therapy is for the brave... not the broken."

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"Thank you for giving me my kid back... His eyes smile again. I can't even tell you how grateful I am. Thank you!"

B.A. (Privacy is protected)

All About Therapy

I understand the challenges of mental health issues and the issues and challenges that we face in modern life. I'm able to offer and provide help and guidance because I've done and continue to do my own work. I am a seasoned practitioner that knows mental health and therapy forward and backward but I also understand the ups and downs of being a human being. I have found my own strength through my own struggles. I know the path because I understand the path because I've walked it myself and along with many clients. 

My therapeutic approach takes its roots in Rogerian approaches or what is known as person-centered. It's a relationship approach. I see this as a journey in which I get to walk with you for a while. People respond better to treatment when they feel as though they are genuinely cared about. Therapy might be the most vulnerable and personal thing that you ever do and it deserves a therapist you can build trust with. 

I'm a very spiritual person and I've found that many principles and ideas couple extremely well with therapy. Mindfulness and meditation, for example, go extremely well with mental health counseling. Many well known therapists and psychologists have agreed with this and have incorporated these and many other ideas of spirituality into their treatment approaches.

Aside from these, I lean heavily toward cognitive and behavioral approaches. I firmly believe that if you change your thoughts, you'll change your life. Let me show you the way. I also incorporate other approaches when it's needed and helpful but my go to therapy approaches are CBT, REBT and ACT. 

Services I Offer


Individual Therapy

Your personal healing journey

Family Therapy/Parenting

Mending relationships and using effective strategies

Teens and adolescents

I specialize in helping teens with nearly every issue


Let me Show You the Way

Unconventional, Better Treatment, Change and Healing

Therapy can be done better and mental health treatment can be effective and I've been determined to both prove it and to lead the way. 


Learning Effective Strategies

While I value good listening and empathy, I also know that people need to have a plan. It's always my goal to give my clients clear objectives as well as a way to complete or meet those objectives. My clients are shown the path to change and success.


Positive psychology; developing and practicing self-love

Therapy is more effective for people when they learn how to integrate their experiences along with the parts about themselves that they dislike. Wellness and self-love are about wholeness and making peace with oneself.


You're not defective - You are capable

I refuse to treat people as though they are defective or otherwise powerless to improve themselves or improve their life. You are capable whether you realize it or not. We all need someone that believes in us.


Acceptance and Letting go

I've learned that the path to healing is paved with acceptance and letting go. I've learned, both personally and professionally, that this is the answer to so many of our struggles. Healing is often like a snake shedding its skin, we must involve ourselves in the process of growth and change. I have my own hope in looking ahead, facing the front instead of theback

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Breaking patterns and cycle

People tend to stay committed to destructive cycles and patterns because of limiting beliefs. The fear of change can often keep people stuck in a place of suffering. They need to realize that changing and taking things head on is far less painful than the suffering of staying stuck in the same patterns. 


Having meaningful connections

As a culture and society, we have become terribly disconnected from anything really meaningful and I'm convinced that it's a big part of why so many people are so deeply depressed and hopeless. I often hear people talk about how life seems pointless while lacking a sense of purpose. We're not supposed to live this way, we're not supposed to be this disconnected from what really matters. 

Mental Health Articles

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