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Life and Wellness Coaching

I offer life and wellness coaching for those who are not looking for conventional therapy. Many, if not most people benefit from a more comprehensive approach to life and wellness and they need something more helpful than just talking about it, rehashing the past and talking about their feelings. Coaching is about making progress by exploring actionable items. As a practitioner, I have found conventional therapy to be very limiting and stifling both to me and my clients. My life and wellness coaching is a great option for those that don't live in the same state that I live in as my practice as a therapist is restricted to those boundaries. I've had to turn many people away that were seeking help from me but I couldn't give it because my therapist license limits me. 

By taking on the role of a coach while still retaining my therapy license, I am not able to provide certain therapy approaches, methods or modalities. When I take on a coaching role I will have to avoid talking about your past including traumas and generally anything that makes up the complicated mosaic of being human. Coaching is a result-driven approach that covers other areas such as physical health, weight loss, effective life strategies and approaches to general wellness and success.



Clinical background

Keep in mind that I have a strong and extensive clinical background with psychology, behavior and emotions. I am an expert in human psychology and behavior which I'm able to incorporate into my coaching. I get people. I get why they do things and so I'm able to guide and direct you into a new way of doing things that is more likely to bring you results. I know what works and what doesn't. 


I'm always doing my own work

I'm able to effectively direct and guide you on how to manage your anxiety, how to lose weight, how to find yourself, how to be happy and so much more because I've literally done all of this myself. I've walked the path, I've walked my mile and so I know how it's done. I can help you accomplish it because I've accomplished it. Not to mention that I wasn't born with a ton of advantages, I've done it inch by inch. 



Action, accountability and results

My coaching option is high accountability. I assign homework and action items. I expect you to do them. While I never approach this with strictness, anger or disappointment, I do expect you to find your desire and motivation to change and make the steps toward your goals. I never expect perfection. Ever. But I do expect effort. I'll hold you accountable. 


Compassionate human approaches

You never have to worry about me being hard on you, yelling at you or getting after you. I'm not that kind of person, therapist or coach. While I do expect you to put in the effort and push yourself, I'm never angry or upset. I abhor what I call the "Jillian Michaels" approach where one minute the coach is yelling at you, berating you and then the next minute trying to be your best friend. I know how hard it is, I really do. I never wanted to be treated that way and I will never treat you that way. 



Self-loving, Self-compassion

My therapy and my coaching are always directed towards self-love and self-compassion. Always. I know how important it is for people to set their sights on self-love, develop it and practice it. My dialogue orbits around the language of support, compassion and caring. 


Weight loss coaching

I've effectively lost weight in my life and while I will freely admit that I'm not in perfect shape, I think that makes me more relatable. I understand the struggle. I can help you lose weight effectively through effective dieting but I also understand the psychological piece behind human behavior and I know how to help people change the habits and addictions that take hold of them. My weight loss program includes a systematically gradual approach to getting results as well as exercises that will help you break up the mental and emotional components to food and eating. Exercise is also important, of course, but dieting is the most important part of weight loss. 



Be the hero of your own story

The hero of your own story is looking back at you in the mirror whether you know it or not. I cannot change you, only you can do that. But I can show you the way. I love what I do when I see people find their own stride. There's nothing more rewarding than seeing an individual find their own light and make their own steps. The greatest gift that I can give you and help you discover is your own power. 


Healing and wellness

My program is all about healing and wellness. That includes being imperfect, it includes making mistakes, failing and learning to love and embrace the parts of yourself that you dislike. This is how we become whole. Learn to love the process and learn to let go of the idea that life will be good when you arrive or complete. The journey is where the true reward is. 


I've got you. Believe in yourself.

There's nothing more important than your wellbeing and mental health. We've been conditioned in this life to make our own wellbeing a low priority but where has it gotten us? The road to healing starts now. Let me teach you the tools and show you the way. Let me show you how to become the hero of your own story. Let me teach you how to help yourself and be there for yourself. 

Reach out and contact me. Let's talk it over. 

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