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About Me.

I've been working in the mental health and social services for more than twenty years. I've worked as a clinical director and I have served on committees and boards with professional organizations the love for my work is simply in the person-to-person work that I do. I currently work in private practice as a sole practitioner because that is what has consistently brought satisfaction to my work and my life. I'm experienced and qualified in most areas, there are very few things that are outside of my scope but I always find myself returning to my roots: the real human experience. 

Over the years I've dialed in my style of practicing therapy, I always remain true to what I believe is helpful and meaningful both to my client and what makes me effective as a practitioner. I know what works and what doesn't. Generally, my clients see results. I'm well known for being direct and honest and yet compassionate while showing and exercising empathy. I am heavy-handed with personal accountability and responsibility because I know without it, people can't and won't make other steps toward wellness. 


Education and Experience

Graduate program: 2007 - 2011

MS in Mental Health Counseling

I completed my Master's degree in 2011. My graduate program focused on a wide range of clinical diagnoses as well as different therapy approaches and modalities. This program enabled me to be widely educated on various mental health issues as well as various treatments.

Therapy License

Clinical Mental Health Counselor (CMHC), State of Utah

My therapy license is specified as a Clinical Mental Health Counselor or a CMHC. I've been fully licensed since 2014.

Clinical Experience

University Name

I've been practicing as a clinician since 2010. The bulk of my post-graduate experience has been in private practice but I've also worked as a clinician in hospitals, treatment centers and even public schools.  I've also worked as a clinical director where I supervised other therapists and psychologists as well as ran the clinical programming. I've remained largely in private practice because I love the autonomy that comes with being my own boss but it also enables me to practice therapy how I believe it should be practiced. 

My Home Office

In the summer of 2022, I started seeing my clients directly in my home where I turned my den into my therapy room. I want people to know and understand that my home is my sanctuary. It's been a place of healing and growth for me. I've felt more at home here than any other place that I've lived previously. My heart is here and so it's been my goal to provide a place of comfort, growth and healing because that's what it's been for me.


I realize that some people may not be comfortable with this arrangement which is why I am clear and upfront about it. 


Please know beforehand that I also have cats and I cannot guarantee that you are not exposed to any cat hair.  


My Therapy Style

My therapy style has been described as unconventional. Therapy is better when we break out of the boxes. I base my therapy style on a relationship of trust. My clients find me to be direct, honest and straight forward. I'm always direct and honest. I always say what needs to be said even if it's difficult. While my experience and knowledge base is quite robust, I prefer to stick with the methods and approaches that help create results. My therapy approach is driven by results. I know that it's nice to have someone listen, care and understand, I know it's also important to always work towards change. People need to know what to do different. I know what works and what doesn't, what's helpful and what isn't. I also want to be your friend, the kind of friend that compassionately tells you the truth and holds you accountable because that's usually what you need. At the same time I know how important it is to practice and show compassion and empathy. I've walked own path and worked through my own mental health issues so I know how difficult and lonely it can be which is why I'm always determined to see the person behind the problems. 

Those Who Have the Best Experience With Me...

Many of my clients have stayed with me for several years, coming and going as needed. Different stages of life bring them different challenges and they come back when they need some help and guidance. I keep and maintain a relationship of support and openness and while I'm grateful that people are able to get what they needed from me, I'm often sad to see them go. I've welcomed many back as they face new challenges in life.

I work best with those who take accountability and responsibility for their lives. I work best with those who are seeking to make changes when they recognize that life is working well for them. They're willing to be vulnerable and practice radical self-honesty. 


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