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You Should Know Why I Don't Take Insurance

I recognize and appreciate the fact that clients want their treatment to be covered by their insurance, it's totally understandable and it's important to understand the reasons why many therapists, myself included, don't accept insurance. 

In order to cover services, insurance companies require therapists to diagnose you with a mental health disorder. It's a system that functions on the principle that you are only entitled to treatment if you have a problem. Just wanting your life and relationships to improve isn't an acceptable reason to pay for treatment. It's a system that is built on our modern medical model which is just a bad fit for mental health services. Therapists can do far more for you when they aren't under the constraints of insurance contracts. Insurance companies reserve the right to put restrictions on treatment based on the diagnosis and course of treatment. They can and do put restrictions on therapy and they can choose to discontinue paying for services for almost any reason they'd like. They can decide that your problems aren't big enough or meet the criteria that they have set. I am able to provide you with a much better therapy experience without the limits and restrictions. 


Select Health Insurance

Currently, Select Health is the only company that I am working with and one of the only ones that I have been willing to work with. They have been one of the better ones to work with and so many people are on one of their plans. 

Insurance Reimbursement

Many insurance companies offer reimbursements to their members which means that they will pay you back a certain portion of the amount that you have paid. I am not able to provide any information to you about whether or not this is offered through your insurance plan, you will need to call your insurance company and specifically ask them if they reimburse out-of-network treatment. If they do reimburse payments, just let me know and I will provide what is called a superbill to you. It has all the information that is necessary for them to process a refund check to you. 

Health Savings Accounts

I am a licensed provider and I am therefore able to accept payments from your HSA account. I am able to provide payment receipts when requested. I've been accepting payments from HSA accounts for years without having any major problems or issues.

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