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Setting the Tone for Effective Psychedelic Therapy

Five things you need to know before you journey

Many may not know that there is a group that was recently pushing a bill in the state legislature that would have enabled mental health providers to facilitate treatment using mushrooms. It didn't get far and now the group is setting their sights higher with wanting psychedelics, most specifically psychedelic mushrooms to be entirely decriminalized. Many other locations across the U.S. have already taken this step and not without controversy, obviously. People are already using mushrooms because they have a deep innate desire to heal themselves when virtually all other means have failed. It would see that seem that when we start paying attention, we start realizing that our ways of going about being whole and happy have largely failed us. We deserve to be whole and we deserve to have a fair shot at happiness and psychedelics are turning out to be the gateway for many people. We must be honest with ourselves, whether we like it or not, people are finding healing in these medicines. We can deny it no longer while still being honest.

Healing is what we are in need of most, both personally and collectively. The right answers feel so far beyond the grasp of so many that they are reaching for things like mushrooms in order to gain some more radical understandings and perspectives on their lives. They want to find their way out of their mental prisons and they're going to find these substances and use them even a bit recklessly. We are desperate for those right answers, there's something wrong, horribly wrong with our modern world and people are finding the guidance they need to better navigate their lives through the use of these medicines.

The fact is, they actually work when administered and used properly. The research proves it. The research is ongoing, even as I type this, to see how mushrooms, for example, can be applied for many problems and issues. Everything from chronic migraines, eating disorders, treatment resistant depression and everything in between. When these medicines are applied properly, they are proving, over and over again, to be powerful and effective. I obviously recommend working with someone who is qualified in this area if you choose to take these yourself. This is a service that I am currently offering to clients, the psychedelic integration therapy.

Before you go for it, here are some things that you can and should expect and some things that will help you prepare for it. This list specifically refers to the use of psilocybin which is the active chemical in psychedelic mushrooms.

  1. You can expect to encounter painful forgotten memories - This particular element makes a lot of people nervous and can even deter people away from the experience. A lot of people express to me that they feel nervous and afraid that they're going to encounter but it's a different experience. You will likely encounter things that you have forgotten and even tried to forget but that doesn't mean that you will have to suffer through it the same way you might have when you first experienced them. Most of the time, people experience these memories in an entirely different way. A way that enables them to change how they experienced it to begin with.

  2. You can expect to see aspects of your life from a totally different perspective - We all have blind spots. There are things in your life that are keeping you stuck and caught in cycles. We live in a culture in which people usually suffer from a painful lack of awareness. Psychedelics will enable you to observe yourself and your own behaviors as though you've taken a step back. You'll be able to observe yourself in ways that perhaps others view you. They will give you a snap shot of your life's bigger picture.

  3. You can expect to see yourself in a more compassionate and kind way - Psychedelics tend to be quite intimidating to those who experience a lot of self-hatred and for those who find that they are their own worst enemy. When you're extremely hard on yourself, it can create a kind of hyper sensitivity to nearly anything of an emotional nature. And while psychedelics will not let you escape the emotional and psychological challenges of being human, they do, however, have a way of softening the blow. That's not to say that certain life truths aren't difficult to face, they certainly are. People hold in so much pain, which if not released, will cause much deeper suffering. Psychedelics can offer a relief and help you ease off all this pain. They can help you view yourself more fairly and see yourself in a much more compassionate light. Someone recently shared with me that she had recalled a time in her childhood when she had felt alone and needed help and instead of seeing her younger self in a state of contempt, she was able to actually feel sadness and compassion for that younger part of herself. What a healing experience!

  4. You can expect to experience some grief for losses in your life - Grief and grieving is so healthy and necessary and yet we avoid it because it forces us to cry and face the necessity of letting go of things that we haven't wanted to let go of even though it's so important and so necessary for our healing and wellness. You can expect to find yourself bawling your eyes out and sobbing almost helplessly and when it ends, which it always does, you can expect to feel so much better.

  5. You can expect to have a much greater sense of clarity about your life - When your journey on psychedelics is wrapping up and you've developed some self-compassion, gone through some grieving and gained a bit more perspective on your life, you can expect to feel a greater sense of clarity about what you want and where you should go with your life. You'll have much greater clarity about what needs to be done in certain areas of your life. People can find this intimidating as well because, again, they aren't always ready to let go of things that need to be let go of.

With these things in mind, you should have a sense of what you want to get out of the experience. What do you want to let go of? What do you want to change? It can be extremely helpful to get really clear about what you want to get out of the experience but it's also important to understand how the process works and how it unfolds and yet at the same time, it's extremely difficult to help people to truly know what to expect. Word of mouth communication is so limited and you can't really know what to expect from it until you've experienced it. It can give you a lot to process and work through. With psychedelics, you might find yourself feeling like you've become reacquainted with a best friend that you didn't realize that you had. A best friend that will help you develop a more honest perspective about your life.

Without proper integration, it's easy to just revert back to old behaviors and patterns. The whole point of using these medicines is to get some assistance with breaking free from things like trauma and addiction which is where I come from. It's important to realize that psychedelics don't do the work for you, after your journey, that's when the real work begins. Call me and I'll do my best to ensure that you get the right support and the right guidance through the process.


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